Full Name
Ines Hanrahan, Ph.D.
Job Title
Executive Director
Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission
Speaker Bio
Ines Hanrahan, Ph.D., has served the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission (WTFRC) as executive director since August 17, 2018. Hanrahan grew up in East Germany and studied horticultural engineering at Humboldt University in Berlin. In 2005, she received a Ph.D. in postharvest physiology from Washington State University, and subsequently joined the WTFRC as a project manager. Although her recent focus has been on pre- and post-harvest physiology of tree fruits, Hanrahan has broad experience in processes and practices in fruit, vegetable and nursery production. She has gained valuable practical and multicultural experience in Europe, South Africa and the U.S., building an active worldwide network with scientists and extension professionals. She’s dedicated to connecting with the next generation of industry professionals, both as a mentor and as an industry leader, setting a positive example for an increasingly diverse workforce.
Ines Hanrahan, Ph.D.