Machine Harvesting Blueberries for the Fresh Market, Applying Four Years of Research
Thursday, October 1, 2020, 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM

This session is presented by Oxbo. Join us as we dig into four years of research by Oxbo International on blueberry varieties, intervals and what they learned in the field so far in 2020. Dr. Wei Yang (OSU) will speak on his research into the most suitable varieties for mechanically harvested blueberries for the fresh market. Dr. Lisa DeVetter (WSU) will speak on her research into harvest settings and intervals and the impact these decisions have on mechanically harvested blueberries for the fresh market. Brian Foote (Oxbo) and Noel Sakuma (Oregon Berry Packing) will review the results of the fruit harvested with the Oxbo SoftSurface kit for fresh market blueberries. Kathryn Van Weerdhuizen (Oxbo) will moderate the discussion.

Kathryn Van Weerdhuizen Lisa Wasko DeVetter Dr. Wei Qiang Yang Noel Sakuma Brian Foote