Craig Regelbrugge
Senior Vice President
Craig Regelbrugge serves as senior vice president at AmericanHort, where he leads the staff team responsible for public policy, industry advocacy, and research programs. AmericanHort is the national trade organization representing the horticulture industry, encompassing plant breeders and growers, garden retail and landscape businesses, and product and service suppliers to an industry that has a total economic output approaching $350 billion. AmericanHort also represents the federal advocacy interests of the National Christmas Tree Association.

Regelbrugge serves in national leadership positions representing the horticulture industry on matters relating to the labor force, immigration reform, plant health and production, and trade. With over 30 years of service as an association professional representing horticulture, Craig is well-known in Washington and across the country, within the horticulture industry itself, and among policy-makers and regulators.

Regelbrugge received his undergraduate degree in horticulture from Virginia Tech, and he worked in the retail nursery industry and served as a county horticultural extension agent in Virginia before joining the American Nursery & Landscape Association in December, 1989.

He is a frequent presenter, author, and spokesperson on topics relating to the workforce and immigration, production, trade, and environmental issues impacting farmers and small businesses in and serving the horticulture industry. He is an avid traveler, naturalist, and gardener of vegetables, berries, and…
Craig Regelbrugge