Full Name
Anantharaman (Ananth) Kalyanaraman, Ph.D.
Job Title
Lead PI and Director
USDA Institute for Agricultural AI for Transforming Workforce and Decision Support (AgAID), Washington State University
Speaker Bio
Anantharaman (Ananth) Kalyanaraman, Ph.D., is a professor and Boeing Centennial Chair in computer science at Washington State University (WSU), and the lead principal investigator and director for the newly established AgAID Institute, led by Washington State University. He also holds a joint position at the Pacific Northwest National Lab and affiliate faculty positions at the WSU Molecular Plant Sciences Graduate Program and the Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health. Kalyanaraman works in scalable data science, focusing on problems and applications of data science at the interface of high-performance computing, graph analytics and computational life sciences. He holds a Ph.D. from Iowa State University.
Anantharaman (Ananth) Kalyanaraman, Ph.D.