Rosalyn Darling
Associate Culinary Director
Food is not only Rosalyn’s job—it’s the passion of her life. Rosalyn wakes
up and celebrates each day as an opportunity to imagine food in a new, delicious way. She thinks and breathes food with every waking moment, because there is a special joy in seeing people pause and smile with each bite of food she’s created for them.

Rosalyn specializes in insights-based culinary innovation that spans across away-from-home and retail channels. Plant-based & flexitarian foods and beverage mixology have been her current focus in the kitchen, working with both Fortune 500 CPGs and top 200 foodservice operators to bring this sprouting trend to shelves and menus across the nation.

With the excitement of health-forward foodservice trends, Rosalyn loves designing dishes that are not only delightful for the palate but are also better for you. Also having an avid appetite for knowledge sharing and collaboration, a taste of what Rosalyn has experienced during her dynamic career as a hybrid of marketing and culinary innovation includes:
Culinary instructor for Premier Culinary Clinics
Speaker at NRA’s Foodamentals Studio & Culinary Experience Center
Collaborator with the Culinary Institute of America’s Menus of Change and K-12 school nutrition
Master trainer for dairy-free beverage mixology at NY and LA Coffee Festivals
Live and recorded virtual culinary trainer for CPG and foodservice websites

Much of her foodservice menu development was on behalf of manufacturers, working and innovating directly with commercial and non-commercial operators to:
Help expedite their menu development process and fill their LTO pipeline
Ensure all menu and concept innovation can integrate seamlessly into existing operations and supply chain.
Build strategic, long-term partnerships between operators and manufacturers for incremental business growth

Prior retail channel experience for Rosalyn includes ~8 years at PepsiCo, where she wore many hats, including Japanese Manufacturing Systems Analyst, Marketing Analyst and was on the Culinary and Research Development Team. While working in R&D for PepsiCo, Rosalyn learned new proprietary technologies and developed gold-standard formulas and applications for specific ingredients. These recipes have been used at numerous leadership meetings and company events. She also formulated new flavor ideas for global innovation projects for product development and incorporation into consumer testing.
Rosalyn Darling